Bring Back Varsity Baseball to UW-Madison!

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The athletic department recently decided to spend 130 million dollars turning existing seats into club seats and adding a deck for Camp Randall rather than spend a tiny fraction of that on baseball.  This decision came after a survey to alumni asking how donor money should be spent and listed only improvements to amenities at Camp Randall.... not necessities whatsoever.  The operational budget of the average Big Ten baseball team is 1.3 million per year.  Barry Alvarez says we don't have the money to support baseball.  You do the math. 

I have been working every angle to try and bring back varsity baseball and we have garnered enormous support from the community, fans, writers, coaches, kids, athletes, former athletes, etc... However, the decision ultimately lies with the AD. Mr. Alvarez isn't willing to even have the discussion about a possible path forward. My proposal shot down his old excuses and I believe he now is avoiding the conversation because he knows the argument against it doesn't have a leg to stand on.  

I'll continue to work behind the scenes, but it's time for a public uproar demanding more from our flagship university. Help bring back UW's first ever sport. Sign this petition, spread it on social media, write and call the athletic department, do what you can to show your support. Thank you and On Wisconsin!

Bringing our national pastime and the University's first sport back to Madison will accomplish all of the following:

- Bring back a proud program and make good on a promise to the former ball players to reinstate the program when the financial picture is better.

- Get on par with the rest of the Big Ten by offering the same major sport that the rest of the conference offers.

- Inspire thousands of youth who look at the Wisconsin Badgers athletes as role models.  This improves youth and high school programs all over the state.  Not to mention the positive influence it has on so many individual lives.

- Give the fans what they want and deserve.  They have been supporting the University and Wisconsin Athletics for decades and they desire to have baseball back at the flagship university.  The Milwaukee Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, The Timber Rattlers, the Madison Mallards and other Northwoods league teams, and even home talent teams all over the state have shown how popular baseball is in this state and there is no doubt the Badgers would follow in, and build on, that tradition.

Link to the full proposal for bringing back Varsity baseball to the Wisconsin Badgers: