UW: Reallocate graduation requirements to emphasize the importance of DIV courses

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Currently, as listed on the University of Washington Undergraduate Advising website, the University of Washington "requires all undergraduates to take a minimum of 3 credits, approved by the appropriate school or college, that focus on the socio-cultural, political, and/or economic diversity of the human experience at local, regional, or global levels." This amounts to just one course out of the 36 classes (assuming a BA degree that divides up credit requirements to 15 per quarter) a student will take during their time at the University of Washington. 

However, it has become abundantly clear that just one class out of the myriad of important classes offered by DIV departments (American Ethnic Studies, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies, American Indian Studies, International Studies, and more) is not enough. Students in the United States NEED to learn about systems of oppression, specifically those that have disproportionately affected BIPOC

Demand a lasting change that will impact how students at the University of Washington learn in the future. This is long overdue--DIV classes ought to be treated as equally as important as I&S, VLPA, NW, and QSR classes in our education.