University of Victoria: Don't Proctor Uvic Students

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Privacy is something that is to be valued, and fought for; that is why we are not just going to give ours up. A well known Chemistry professor at UVic has just announced, over half way through the semester, that the university will be using the proctoring software Respondus to monitor students taking his final exam. 

This invasion of privacy was no where indicated in the course syllabus at any point in time, and is still not mentioned at this time. In addition to the anxiety of being proctored by an AI that will decide if cheating is occurring or not, students of CHEM 245 are now required to have their microphone and webcam on at all times during the final exam; which was once again never mentioned at any point in the syllabus and is still not.

If students do not have access to a PC to install the Respondus software they will be forced to buy one or else they will fail the course. This means that those students using tablets or Linux based computers are out of luck. As I am sure that many of you know, money is tight for students, especially when a large number of us lost work due to COVID. 

Please help us stand up for our rights as students and let UVic know that this is not okay.