Fire and Press Charges against Miguel Deras for Distributing Lauren McCluskey's Photos

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Lauren McCluskey, a student at the University of Utah, went to the University of Police Department in 2018 for help against a violent stalker. "Lauren McCluskey explained to the officer at the University of Utah that she was being extorted over explicit photos she had taken of herself. Someone — she wasn’t certain who at that moment — had accessed her files and was threatening to release them if she didn’t hand over $1,000." Lauren took these photos to the police, in hopes that something could be done to protect her. Because no action was taken Lauren was killed by the man, who was blackmailing her.

Instead of helping and protecting Lauren, Miguel Deras allegedly added the photos to his personal phone and shared the private explicit pictures with co-workers at the University Police Department. He bragged about being able to look at the photos "whenever he wanted." Nothing has been done to prevent potential sexual predators, like Miguel Deras, from working in UPD and no punishment has been placed against him for this alleged action. He now works for the Logan Police Department, where still no reprimands have happened. 

As students at the University of Utah, deserve to be heard and protected by the University Police. Something that historically hasn't happened and still isn't happening. We demand justice for Lauren McCluskey, along with the many other victims of the UPD. We demand charges and consequences for these atrocious acts be places on Miguel Deras.

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And Please sign this petition, so that Miguel Deras can no longer harm other women and people he has sworn to protect and serve.