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The University of Ulster is damaging service to both students and the community through the widespread threat of compulsory redundancies.

Letter to
University of Ulster
I just signed the following petition addressed to: University of Ulster.

Stop the Threats!

I am writing on an issue of grave concern - that is, the use of the threat of compulsory redundancy to bully and intimidate staff. The objective of this bullying and intimidation appears to be to:

• Coerce staff into accepting reductions in pay grade
• Pressure staff into accepting poor voluntary redundancy packages or early retirement
• Target individual staff without any clearly defined criteria for doing so

The University of Ulster has previously had a good record concerning compulsory redundancy throughout most of its existence. A definition of redundancy is contained in the University of Ulster Charter, Statutes and Ordinances. This definition is not currently being adhered to. Statute V of this document also states that University Council procedures shall endeavour to:

“avoid or minimise the potential impact of redundancy including seeking suitable alternative employment for the Member (s) of Staff within the University.”

Ordinance XXXVI states:

“It is the policy of the University to consider any and all means of maintaining employment for University staff, providing a stable work environment and reasonable security of employment where practicable.”

You will be aware that the University has displayed a poor performance with regard to bullying of staff. This has been documented by the AUT/UCU national survey of universities on bullying, and the local MORI poll. Compulsory redundancy is now being used to bully staff, resulting in a disruption of service to students and the community, reduction of staff morale and the departure of highly valued teaching and research staff. This will affect Northern Ireland for many years to come.

The current University of Ulster Corporate Plan contains some of the following goals and objectives:

• “The health, safety and well-being of staff and students are priorities”
• “To develop and implement a flexible human resource strategy, which ensures that we continue to attract, develop, appropriately reward and retain high calibre staff who are committed and contribute effectively to the delivery of our corporate goals and objectives”

For these to be other than cynically hollow words, action must be taken to ensure that the threat of compulsory redundancy is not used to threaten and coerce staff, in some cases harming their health and wellbeing.


Please pause to evaluate the effectiveness of voluntary means in line with stated University policy, goals and timetables. This will advantage students, the community, staff and ultimately, the management and good governance of the University.



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