Kick Aramark Off Campus!

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As a college student, I am in a place in my life where I am able to make the world a better place on issues that are within my community. That’s why I am working hard to see my university end its current contract with Aramark, a foodservice company involved in an animal cruelty scandal.

Despite public outcry, Aramark supports the practice to breed chickens to grow far larger than their natural size would allow. As a result, these birds suffer from organ and heart failure, debilitating leg disorders, and are unable to avoid inevitable degenerative lameness from their excessive weight due to genetic manipulation.

In Aramark’s current food supply, chickens are scalded alive and are fully conscious while slaughtered. Shockingly, Aramark refuses to utilize controlled atmosphere stunning – a seamless process which allows chickens to be rendered unconscious to avoid both physical and mental agony.

Aramark also dismisses amenities such as natural light, straw bales, as well as reducing the stocking density to allow animals more room to move around. One thing is clear, Aramark’s outdated agenda does not include keeping up with conscious student demands.

Please sign my petition to remove Aramark’s presence from campus. Aramark only runs two food establishments on campus — we can afford to end our contract with this socially irresponsible company! Thank you all for showing the world that we Longhorns do not support needless, unnecessary, and avoidable animal cruelty!


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