Protect the spreading of COVID-19 (coronavirus) from UTA and it’s students

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With the imminent danger of Coronavirus being brought to campus after students return from spring break, it would be in the best interest of UTA to close campus for at least two weeks (the virus's incubation period) after break.

There is no way for UTA to prevent students from going overseas for break, and there is no way for UTA to enforce the suggested self-incubation for those students. By keeping students off campus for 2 weeks after break, students can effectively quarantine themselves at home in the event that they start showing symptoms of the virus without fear of being penalized for missing classes or getting behind on work.

In addition, the 2 week suspension in return to campus will prevent those who show delayed symptoms of the virus from spreading it to other students, especially those living in dorms where the spread of germs and airborne particles is heightened.

Since we already have 3 students from UTA that are in self-isolation after returning from South Korea, this only heightens the reason for students to remain in isolation after spring break vacation.

Resolution: Hold classes online for the two weeks following spring break when campus will be closed. This will allow professors to still hold lectures and for students to continue to learn remotely.