Female Equality for Entry into Engineering

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The University of Technology Sydney has lowered the required entry for women into Engineering courses, giving an extra 10 ATAR points based solely on gender. It is an insult to women in engineering and does not send the right message to young women or the wider community.
It is already hard enough to feel valid as a female in engineering, and now, every woman that gets into engineering will be susceptible to further discrimination because it was made easier for them to get in.

We are not a quota, we are not a numbers boost and we need a culture change, not a hand out.

In an environment where it is already a challenge to feel like you belong, without having to justify that you are as equally welcome in your course as someone who scored much higher than you, this move is a devaluation of the intellect of potential female engineering students.

This is a step backwards for a normally progressive university, and we cannot accept that this is an appropriate action. We cannot lower the bar to change the culture, because the culture will then be built on an attitude that women will only flourish in engineering if it is made EASIER.

Please sign my petition for current and future female engineers, to show them that you value their worth and their place is academia is earned as equals, not handed down in charity.

UTS please remove this criteria and treat female engineering students as rightful equals.