University of Southern California Administration: Petition to Remove the Fingerprint Scanners and Guest Pass System from the Freshman Dorms

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University of Southern California Administration: Petition to Remove the Fingerprint Scanners and Guest Pass System from the Freshman Dorms

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Zachary Ayoob started this petition to University of Southern California Administration

I.               Our Goals

A.     To remove the necessity for Guest Passes for students within the Residential Housing Community

B.     To encourage the expedition and streamlining of the fingerprint entry process

C.     To reduce the redundancies and bottlenecking involved in the entry into dorms

D.    To realign USC’s security policy with securing the campus as opposed to individual buildings


II.             What We Disagree With

A.     Guest Pass System

1.     The guest pass system is the primary concern of the students affiliated with this petition.

2.     We understand the need to log in guests that do not go to USC, and that are not affiliated with the school.

3.     The fact that USC students, within the Residential Housing community, are forced to give up IDs to walk into other Residential housing dorms is ridiculous, unnecessary, and redundant.

4.     Fingerprint scanners should be used to replace the guest pass system.

B.     Multiple Redundancies in the Dorm Security System

1.     The fingerprint scanners, in addition to the card swipes on the door, the staff at the front desk, the card swipes to the hallway doors, etc. create congestion and do not add much extra to dorm security.

2.     Lines at entrances and exits need to be focused on and resolved.  Many buildings have lines every day, some stretching into the street, creating incredible inconvenience for students.

C.     University Security Priorities

1.     The fingerprint system seems to be a decision on behalf of the university to prioritize dorm security over campus security

2.     We believe a priority should be placed on securing the campus instead of securing the individual buildings



III.         Proposed Solutions

A.     Solutions to the Guest Pass System

1.     We, the signatories of this petition believe that the University’s fingerprint database should be centralized and should contain the fingerprints of all students within the Residential Housing Community.

2.     With a centralized fingerprint database, the need for guest passes for those within the Residential Housing program would be removed.

3.     Guest passes could still be collected for non-residents of the USC Residential Housing community.

B.     Solutions to the Redundancies in Dorm Security

1.     Fingerprint scanners should be entry points on the building, not an additional security measure within the building.

2.     A guard within the building could check for USC cards, should the door have been held open for someone who did not scan his/her finger.

C.     Solutions to the Priorities of University Security Policy

1.     Instead of the high focus on dorm security, place fingerprint scanners on entry gates to the school

2.     These would only be active at night, and would add a legitimate additional security layer to the campus

3.     Instead of a redundancy, this would be a real improvement, and could lead to the removal of fingerprint scanners from the dorms.


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This petition had 465 supporters

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