Remove Animal Abuser, Jaiwen Zhang from attending UQ permanently.

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A HEARTLESS kitten torturer who put a baby cat in a hot oven, ripped its teeth out, and cut its claws off before trying to drown it has been spared jail time despite his deranged and disturbing acts against the innocent animal.
Jiawen Zhang, 20, an engineering student from St Lucia in inner Brisbane, pleaded guilty to serious animal cruelty in Brisbane Magistrates Court today after severely mutilating and torturing a baby female kitten that was trying to escape with her mother from his back yard.
(Taken from Courier Mail)

I'd like to at least get the University of Queensland to step up on this issue, and aid in him being removed permanently from UQ as a student.  Furthermore, if Jiawen Zhang is an international student, he should have his student visa cancelled immediately and sent home. Its very unlikely he will ever face jail time; something that also needs to be addressed for the future animals who will be hurt terribly with no consequence.

Using depression as an excuse to do such a heinous act is disgusting. Being depressed, anxious, or sad does not make you harm other animals or people.
I'm sure like me, many other students do not feel safe going to university while such a person still attends.

His intention was to kill her, before being interrupted by his roommate returning home. Should they not have returned early from work, this story's end would be very, very different. As he didn't succeed in murdering Cinders, vet treatment was required and costs incurred. Jaiwen Zhang not only doesn't have to go to jail, it appears as though he also isn't required to pay a cent toward the care that the Toowong family vet have provided in treating, and keeping alive, little Cinders.
(Taken from the gofundme page for Cinders)

If you would like to donate to the kittens gofundme page for medical bills at the Toowong family vet, please do so here.

Trigger warning: Described animal abuse


(Article cont.) Courier Mail

Magistrate Terry Gardner sentenced Zhang to six months in prison but with immediate parole, calling his actions “cruel, callous and deliberate”.

On November 14, Zhang stole the kitten from her mother and threw it in his sharehouse oven, which was still hot.The kitten’s fur was burnt off as she scratched to get out, and she also suffered significant burns to her belly, paws and legs, the court was told.

Zhang then took the still alive animal up to his room and began ripping her teeth out and cutting off her toes with nail clippers, causing significant bleeding, the court heard.     

The kitten suffered significant burns to her paws.
He then took the baby cat to the bathroom and attempted to drown her by flushing her in the toilet, but was then caught in the act by his housemate who had just arrived home.

Zhang then tried to get rid of the kitten by throwing her into nearby bushes at his property, but due to her severe injuries she was unable to move.

His housemates called police and the kitten was taken to Toowong Family Vet for life-saving care.

Zhang’s lawyers claimed the mother cat and her baby leaving the property, reminded him of the rejection he believed he was suffering from housemates and university peers.

The kitten suffered significant burns to her paws.
The court heard the perceived exclusion motivated him to commit the callous acts.

The court heard that Zhang had depression, which was undiagnosed at the time, and tortured little Cinders “to try and make him feel better about himself.”

The veterinary clinic named the little kitten, Cinders and after her miraculous recovery has now been adopted by a loving family, who have renamed her Clare.

Nurse Tahlia Woodlock from Toowong Family Vet said that the kitten will have ongoing health issues due to the trauma she sustained from the brutal incident.