Fire Racist Penn Law Professor, Amy Wax

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In 2017, University of Pennsylvania Law School Professor, Amy Wax, claimed she has never seen a Black student graduate at the top of her class. Some claimed this was far from a racist statement and the remark was met with no more than a slap in the wrist by the University. No salary decrease, no termination. 

At a conservative conference this summer, Amy Wax has again sparked controversy by stating "our country will be better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites." Immigrants are "too loud" and are responsible for an increase in "litter." 

I, and the countless of other students of color at the University, are not litter. 

While Penn touts itself as a beacon of diversity and inclusion with black and brown students showcased on its admission materials, the administration continues to turn a blind eye to the racism prevalent in its faculty. 

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