Uottawa waive your graduate students' tuition fee for summer 2020

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In the current context of COVID19 with all courses moved online, with all facilities closed (gym, library, offices),  and even more limited access to our supervisors and committees, it is unfair to charge full tuition to graduate students this summer session. Graduate students are required to register for completion requirements and to receive any scholarships they have won and thus have to pay full tuition to the University of Ottawa. Why should graduate students have to pay full tuition for virtually nothing in return? Given that our access to jobs (summer teaching assistantships, article 17 appointments, research assistantships, part-time jobs in service and food industries) has been radically reduced and that our access to what our tuition is normally supposed to pay for, it is unfair that the University of Ottawa charges tuition to graduate students this summer. We are asking University of Ottawa to use some of the surplus funds from the previous years to help their graduate students in their unprecedented time of need.