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Lierre Keith is a feminist and environmental activist who has dedicated decades to the fight for both human and non-human dignity. As a fiery and passionate public speaker, Keith has spoken across the US and Canada, and has been scheduled as a keynote speaker at the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (PIELC) in Eugene, OR this year.

As a radical thinker, Lierre Keith is on the forefront of fighting for the absolute protection of all boundaries, be they the boundaries of human beings or the boundaries of natural communities. The struggle for women's liberation from poverty, torture, abuse, and degradation includes by its nature the right for women as a class to maintain their own spaces, separate from males regardless of how those males identify.

While feminists such as Lierre Keith are continually forced to defend these spaces, they have not chosen to make trans politics the focal point of their activism. Instead, they are concerned with dismantling the vast global systems which depend on the trafficking, battery, and sexual abuse of women.

It's easy for some to dismiss Lierre Keith and radical feminism's perspectives as "transphobic" and "offensive" - and that is what is being done by a small group of vocal individuals who are now threatening and harassing Keith, her supporters, and PIELC organizers.

Opponents of Lierre Keith believe that a disagreement on the role of gender in patriarchal culture is reason enough to blacklist her from the public sphere. Instead of taking the time to learn and understand the radical feminist analysis, these detractors engage in vitriolic insults and attacks on Keith. They claim to be in support of social justice, but in reality they behave exactly like the misogynists Keith holds accountable in her work.

What is really offensive is gender itself--the brutal arrangement of power that condemns women around the world to lives of violence and abuse. The difference in opinion here is how we look at gender: is it a hierarchy to be fought or a binary to be bent?

To bar Lierre Keith from speaking would be to silence not only a radical voice in defense of the Earth but also an equally radical voice in defense of women's struggle against patriarchy. No other voice at PIELC offers quite what Keith can bring with her passion, intelligence, and experience, all integral to the fight against civilization. We sincerely hope that those responsible for organizing this conference will not yield to reactionary, anti-feminist rhetoric and instead honor the faith many women have put into PIELC and its dedication to justice.

It would be a serious mistake to silence Keith when radical voices in the environmental movement are so desperately needed. There is so little time left to turn the tide of ecocide and male violence. Please support Lierre by signing this petition and by contacting the PIELC organizers and the University of Oregon to say “Thank You for hosting Lierre Keith”.

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