Close UO Eugene Campus due to COVID-19 Death in Washington and New Cases

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The novel coronavirus, or COVID-19 started in a public market in Wuhan, China. This has now spread to over 85,000 people around the globe and has caused almost 3,000 deaths, both totals higher than the SARS and MERS epidemics of the past. This virus can stay in the body for two weeks or more without showing symptoms, but over this incubation period, the virus can still be transmitted to others.

Many infected individuals may spread the virus without their knowledge. Many students may be infected and may bring transmit this virus into school and other public spaces. The incubation period is too long (over two weeks) to know the extent of the infection rate at this time.

In light of the new information that there are already two US deaths from COVID in Washington State, King County.  Gov. Jay Inslee (D) declared a state of emergency Saturday as more than 231 Washington residents remain under public health supervision. The state has 13 confirmed coronavirus cases overall. As well as 2 Oregon resident confirmed cases!

We are asking Michael H. Schill, the president of the University of Oregon Eugene to close the campus to prevent the spreading of this virus. Since this virus may lay dormant for two weeks or even more in some cases. In classrooms, dining halls and during other crowded areas, the virus will inevitably infect people thus increasing the infection rate exponentially.

Considering this, we urge the UO-Eugene campus to make the responsible decisions to close campus and facilities as to slow infection rates and keep students, their families, and everyone safe.