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Cancel Lierre Keith

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As you may be aware, the PIELC organizers have invited Lierre Keith to deliver a keynote speech. This is unfortunate, as Lierre Keith, who is on the board of the group Deep Green Resistance, has made many public statements expressing hatred toward transgender people. She believes that being transgender is an "opinion" and that trans women's very existence is an attack on other women. Her twisted and hateful views are more thoroughly explained in this article:

Keith has also consistently ignored and silenced members of her organization who are people of color. She has issued a statement calling the indigenous Lakota culture inherently sexist and refused to apologize even after women of color pointed out that her claims were untrue and racist. Many people of color quit her organization in protest.

By giving a platform to a person who is outspoken with hateful views, you are lending these views your conference’s legitimacy. Promoting Lierre Keith adds to the culture of anti-trans hate and violence. The forest defense community of the Pacific Northwest has long been at the forefront of confronting gender oppression within its ranks. It was in the forests of Oregon that the first Women’s action camps (which have always been trans-inclusive) were instituted; setting an example that has been followed elsewhere throughout the US and beyond. Trans and gender-non-conforming people have been vital to the work of challenging sexism in the environmental movement, and it is frankly an insult to us to include Lierre Keith and her bigoted views into a position of prominence in the PNW.

In response to this, requests have been sent to PIELC organizers by transgender people and allies asking that they disinvite Lierre Keith as an act of solidarity. Unfortunately, they refused, issuing a statement which called her anti-trans bigotry a "viewpoint". That statement is viewable here:


We are therefore asking other conference participants to help make this conference, and the environmental movement in general, a safe space for all oppressed people, by raising the number of voices calling for Lierre Keith's removal from the PIELC schedule.

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