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Petitioning UNH counseling dept and 1 other

University of New Hampshire, Manchester: Reverse the decision to expel Meagan Wolf

Meagan is an extremely dedicated student. She lives for music, and works hard to pursue her degree in music education. However, Meagan is not like you or me. Throughout her life she has been living with Asperger's syndrome, a disease that causes people to act unusually in social situations. Meagan, for example, will often get extremely stressed before a test, and as a result, she has to rock herself for a few minutes before she can take a test. This behavior caused the UNH administration to kick Meagan out of school.

I am petitioning the UNH administration because I believe that this decision was immoral! Nobody should have their right to an education denied as a result of a learning disability.

Letter to
UNH counseling dept
Associate Dean University of New Hampshire, Manchester
Reverse the decision to expel Meagan Wolf