Should only final year architecture students be excluded from being passed without a jury.

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We, the students of Architecture have received a letter from the Council of Architecture regarding a request to conduct online thesis considering we are an exceptional course and a license cannot be given without thesis. As per the Supreme Court decision, you'll have allowed others without a degree to practice in the field and the Council seemed to be okay with it. Now during this pandemic, after thinking every aspect of this situation the CM has come up with a wise decision of clearing us even that is being questioned. Where was the council when the decision was being taken? We have worked hard for 5 years and right now a degree is what we deserve. 

It's also affecting students who have decided to pursue further studies in the Masters of architecture. They are being held back because of this problem. All students in the field of architecture do not have proper internet facilities. The students have never given any online jury ever and now our final jury is being said to be taken online. How can we give a jury, online,  that is being deemed to be so important to the council of architecture without ever experiencing it. It's just not fair for the students to be put through so much after working hard for 5 full years. All other streams are being passed according to the decision of our Chief minister Mr. Uddhav Thackeray. We, the students of architecture, too should be included in that decision which is being opposed by the council of architecture.