Regular LLB Exams of Mumbai University should be conducted as per existing schedule !

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Respected Sir,

I got to know from news reports that University of Mumbai ("MU") is contemplating to postpone Regular LLB exams for Sem 2/4/6 which are scheduled to be held in the month of May 2018.

I request that MU should not postpone Regular LLB Exams scheduled in the month of May 2018 as it will affect majority of students who are pursuing LLB course.

Few Important reasons are listed below

  1. Although we students expect that MU should declare results of Sem 1/3/5 asap, conducting Regular exams of Sem 2/4/6 are not dependent on the results of Sem 1/3/5. Hence, I request MU to conduct Regular exams of Sem 2/4/6 as per already declared schedule.
  2. Postponing exams will badly affect Final year students who are planning to pursue post graduate courses after clearing LLB (in India and Abroad). Postponing exams will obviously result in delay in declaration of results and in the end it will be meritorious students who will be at loss for not fault of their own !
  3. Doing Internship in law firms/ legal departments of companies is an important aspect to learn Practical application of law. Students who have already made efforts and secured Internships in the month of June/July will unnecessarily suffer if exams are postponed.
  4. In addition to pursuing LLB, There are students who are pursuing permitted distance learning courses like CFA, CS etc. If exams are postponed they will suffer monitory loss of fees already paid plus delay of atleast 6 months to again appear for those exams which can be easily avoided if Exams are conducted as per schedule!
  5. Postponing exams will affect students at large who have already made plans depending on the schedule which was already announced by MU. This also includes large category students who come to Mumbai from different parts of India to pursue LLB. Many students must have made bookings to come to Mumbai from their home town to appear for exam and/or go to home town/different cities to pursue Internship after exams etc. Last minute change of schedule will affect all this pre planned bookings and cancellation and rescheduling will be very costly affair!
  6. Lastly, such postponement of exams affects Reputation of University of Mumbai. We appreciate MU's stand to postpone KT exams of Sem 1/3/5 till Revaluation results of Sem 1/3/5 are declared. But Postponing Regular exams is unrelated to declaration of result of Sem 1/3/5 and hence unnecessary. There are few people who might have misinformed you that majority of students want Regular Exams to be postponed. But that's not the case! So, on behalf of students I'm starting this petition.

P.S. Sem 2/4/6 or Sem 1/3/5 are mentioned with reference to 3 year course but since exams of 3 year course & last 3 years of 5 year course are conducted together, same issues and request are equally applicable for 5 year course.