Remove the Landshark at Ole Miss!

Remove the Landshark at Ole Miss!

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Ole Miss has an identity crisis that is destroying our beloved university. It is time to restore the traditional morals and values that made us great before Liberalism took control. The first step is to remove the Landshark mascot that is making a mockery of Ole Miss.

  • 1936 - Colonel Reb image was created and approved to be used as a nickname for athletic teams
  • 1979 - Colonel Reb became the official mascot of the University of Mississippi 
  • 1997 - Flagpoles and sticks were banned from the stadium ending the flying of the Confederate Flag at football games. 
  • 2003 - Colonel Reb was retired as mascot
  • 2008 - Senior player Tony Fein and the defensive line adopted the Landshark hand gesture to celebrate big plays
  • 2009 - Tony Fein died of an accidental Morphine and Xanax overdose at the home of a friend
  • 2010 - a rigged election named a Black Bear as the mascot
  • 2017 - Ole Miss announced the Landshark as the official mascot of the university and calls him Tony
  • 2019 - Landshark mascot is seen and photographed on the football field against Texas A&M wearing a diaper and bib labeled “Baby Shark”.
  • 2019 - Campus organization SASI has made several online references to the gender of the mascot by labeling it “Trans Non-Binary” and claiming approval from Chancellor Boyce. 
  • 2019 - There are several definitions and meanings of the word Landshark, some of which are extremely degrading and disrespectful to women and sexual in nature. The hand gesture is now being used across the country with sexual innuendos. 

The current mascot is an embarrassment and disgrace to the university. People are mocking this reckless decision at the expense of the reputation of Ole Miss. The urban definition and meaning along with the cause of death of the player responsible for the Landshark mascot is not something to be celebrated.

Why would Ole miss approve and condone a mascot with such disgusting sexual connotations or someone that died from a drug overdose? What kind of example does this set for the youth? What kind of university have we become? 

Colonel Reb was the heart of Ole Miss. Never did he project racism or prejudice on the sidelines, in The Grove or anywhere else he may be present. He opened his arms for friendly hugs and photos most of us will forever cherish. He brought excitement and spirit to gameday. He made you feel a part of something bigger....the Ole Miss Family. 

Colonel Reb was taken from our campus because Liberals want to change everything about our school. We must fight to protect the things we believe in and the traditions we love.

JOIN OUR FIGHT! If we can’t have Colonel Reb, we don’t need a mascot. Its time to define who we are. THE OLE MISS REBELS. 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!