University of Michigan: Rescind the Appointment of Jason Mars for Teaching EECS 370

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Jason Mars, former CEO of Clinc and professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan has been found to engage in sexual harassment and misconduct with the Verge's revelation. He was also found harassing students at the university.

However, next semester, he is teaching EECS 370, a required course for undergraduate students majoring in computer science. We are disturbed by the University assigning him to teach a required course with a large number of undergraduate students without publicly acknowledging the findings/ any assessment of his past misconduct. In February, U-M faculty had called on Mars to take leave, but he had continued his position at the University.

We critique that the University is not supporting women and gender minorities in technology through placing him in the position of power over a large number of undergraduate students, graduate students, and instructor aids (IAs), with the knowledge of sexual misconduct. The University's appointment of him did not consider the opinions of students, faculties, and the wider community.

In light of the university's failure to heed warnings about former provost'sdoctor's, and professor's sexual abuse for decades, actions instead of words are the true criterion of whether U of M sticks to its values.

As dedicated members of this community, we believe in holding our institution to the highest standards. We demand to remove his appointment of EECS 370. We also demand transparency and accountability beyond an answer of whether the university had launched an investigation and what efforts have been made for his past actions. 

We look forward to seeing the University of Michigan doing what its public statement says in the coming days. 

With power,

The Undersigned


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