Give 2020 graduates of U of M a SOLIDIFIED postponed graduation date

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As the 2020 graduating seniors of the University of Michigan are attempting to adjust to our new online education platform, we are struck with the news of a canceled commencement ceremony. Rather perplexed on why this decision was made so in advance, the letter from President Schlissel left us with a number of questions. 

Stating that the University is "looking at ways to celebrate 2020 graduates in the future," we simply are not satisfied with this answer. After four years of IMMENSE effort put into this university, we deserve to look forward to a solidified date on the calendar for a postponed graduation ceremony.  

Although it is understood that the secondary date may be canceled due to the state of the world at that time, the mere possibility of getting to celebrate our time here at the U of M is something my classmates and I deserve. 

For all the first generation students, people who took out thousands of dollars worth of loans, international kids who travel across the world for an education here and many many more.... let’s get class of 2020 the ceremony they deserve!