Partial Refund for Tuition & Required Associated Fees at University of Miami

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Outline of the Current Financial Burden for University of Miami Undergraduate Students:

  • Spring Semester Tuition ($25,200)
  • On-Campus Housing ($4,400 - $10,320)
  • Athletic Fee ($90)
  • Student Center Fee ($166)
  • Wellness Center Fee ($156)
  • Activity Fee ($167)
  • Health & Counseling Center Fee ($186)
  • Optional Parking Pass ($265-$584)


When most students agreed to take on the financial burden of attending the University of Miami, we did so on the premise of in-person instruction and the ability to make use of all on-campus facilities included in the required extra fees. Remote learning has drastically limited the level of education provided by the university. We are no longer able to benefit from the various on-campus programs and services we a charged for in our tuition. Consequently, there is a significant decrease in the costs of maintaining these programs and services as there are almost no individuals to accommodate. On-campus students have already received a partial refund for their housing costs, but what about the burden placed on off-campus students? It is not fair to ALL students as we are not receiving what we were promised. We, as PAYING students, demand to be compensated for this change in our experience. We also demand a more precise breakdown of what the funds from our tuition are used for following the change to remote learning.