Economic Justice for UMass Students, and Event for Seniors

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With the craziness of the Corona virus spread, many universities have taken action to ensure the safety of their students. However, UMass Amherst chose to give their students two days to leave under the assumption of leaving for an extended break, only to learn at the last minute they will not be returning for the rest of the semester. This message was sent on the day the campus had asked the students to leave for break, now requiring a majority of students to return to campus to retrieve the rest of their things. The message was also sent after 5 pm, when all offices are closed, closing off the opportunity to inquire about any refunds regarding tuition, housing, or dining plans.

The University did not consider the mental or emotional health of their students, resulting in severe anxiety and emotional trauma among the student body, but the senior class in particular. and in response we demand 1/4 of room and board refunded, meal plans refunded, and an alternative to resolve on campus student employment. In addition, we demand a ceremony for the seniors. If not a ceremony, an alternative option for the graduating class that didn't get to say goodbye to the rest of the undergraduate careers. 

UMass must answer for the fact that an entire campus is now displaced, unemployed, and in some cases, unfed because of this rash and impulsive decision-making.