Respond adequately to disruptions to University of Leeds students' lives.

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Over the past four weeks, the University of Leeds has seen lectures, seminars and other activities and lessons disrupted by UCU strikes. Furthermore, it has just been announced that as of 27th April, all teaching will move to online-only methods, in line with action to tackle the Coronavirus outbreak.

The UCU strikes have been of great necessity and are justified due to the many issues in the treatment and payment of staff, as have already been mentioned and outlined by the UCU and university staff. The response to the Coronavirus is also an appropriate and intelligible response in order to protect students and staff alike from harm and infection.

Upon reflection of these events however, it is clear that most students of the university have had little to gain financially and academically as a result of this action. The blame does not lie with the staff who have done what they have had to, but in the governing board of the university, who have not only failed to meet the demands of the staff, which triggered the further strikes, but have also failed to respond adequately to students with any kind of financial or academic reparations.

Universities are partially-privatised institutions, and while this may bring businesslike tendencies to them, they should still operate with the wellbeing of students and staff at their heart. To be paying over £9,000 on tuition fees alone, with thousands extra on rent and general living, it seems absurd that the Council, the university's governing board, should not seem to care about how heavily the wellbeing and finances of their students has been, and will continue to be, affected.

This is a petition for the Council to lay out a transparent and guaranteed set of promises to the students of their university, to repay them, with financial or non-financial measures, while they continue to profit off of us in our vulnerable position. We did not pay for what we have received this year!

With enough signatures, this petition will be emailed through to members of the Council for acknowledgment and response.