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Adding ASL courses at University of Hawaii at Manoa

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To briefly explain the petition,

I am a Deaf student attending a college that prides itself on having the most foreign language courses offered- better known as University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM for short). However, they do not offer American Sign Language (ASL). It is ironic that they pride on having most foreign courses offer, and yet don't offer a single course in ASL.

The main point here is to convince the Department of Languages, Linguistics & Literature at UHM to fund ASL courses and have them see that the students are inclined to take ASL courses. However, the most important person we need to convince in this case is YOU.

One of our team member interviewed Kimi Kondo-Brown, she is the Associate Dean of the College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature. We came to her to find more about why UHM never took action to fund ASL courses. We unraveled their reasons only to find out that their argument were due to a lack in qualified instructors and funding limitations. However, she did mention if we gauge student awareness and demonstrate strong student interest and public demand to have the courses offered could influence the decision made from the department. My argument here is, the lack of qualified instructors are due to the lack of the course being offered. If they were willing to at least try to seek out for instructors, I can guarantee they would come across several qualified instructors. Thus, making their statement of “insufficient staff” invalid. Now, secondly, this is where you come in the picture. To have UHM offer ASL course, we need your signature to display the inclination that people support the idea that ASL courses should be offered at University of Hawaii at Manoa. With abundant signature on this petition, higher chances of ASL courses will actually be offered.


Mahalo for your time,

Alexa, Devin, Noela, Jon, Ola


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