Save Goldsmiths University Gym

Save Goldsmiths University Gym

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Started by Bismark Sarbah

We, the members of the Goldsmiths University gym, have been told by official sources that our gym is to close permanently by the end of March 2020.

It is our sincere request to the management of Goldsmiths University to kindly review this decision in order to keep the gym open for the reasons mentioned below.

Some of us have been members of the gym from the day the gym opened. At the time we were studying at Goldsmiths and this place became an absolute focal point of our student life. Later we moved to different neighbourhoods in New Cross and came to realise that this was the only gym in the area, as it still is.

This gym is fundamentally different than most high-street gyms. The staff and the members are extremely friendly and there is extra effort taken to start new conversations with newer members. It is a social club of a kind where its genuine exclusivity makes people a little less lonely and a little more embraced. This has been our personal experience and we have made sure to pass it on. Occasionally we have been members of other gyms over the holidays, but always preferred to return to Club Pulse for a non-toxic, energetic and fun atmosphere to train in.

There are several other, seemingly obvious, advantages. Students, staff members and local residents can engage in some dedicated physical activity here without having to go out of their daily routines. The classes are superb and location is peaceful and serene. All this feeds the body as well as minds and souls.

Closing this facility permanently will be an unfortunate mistake, as it will destroy a painstakingly built atmosphere of value and dare I say, a way of life, for many of us.

We would like to urge the authorities to consider our most sincere request to keep Goldsmiths Gym open.


1,256 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!