Action against racist CU student post

Action against racist CU student post

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(Above is our written letter to CU Boulder- PLEASE READ!!!)

Mallory Walker, a former CU Boulder cheerleader and current CU Boulder student, was recently exposed for posting a Snapchat of her and another white girl, Hannah Preiss, smiling, captioned  'The black ppl are trying to rape me”.

Not only is it disgusting to joke about rape, it is unacceptable to overtly criminalize and dehumanize our Black community for nothing other than the skin color they were born with.

We will not tolerate racism within our community. We will not tolerate white women weaponizing their whiteness. We will not accept this hatred. We instead must value the safety and wellbeing of our Black students, faculty, and community members.

She has been removed from the cheerleading team, but this is not enough. We will not allow unjust acts such as these to go unnoticed and without consequences. 

We demand the University of Colorado to expel this student. We demand the University of Colorado break their silence and respond to petitions and demands directly (University of Denver responded to student demands in under 24 hours- it's been days of silence for CU). We demand the University of Colorado to take action, not just today, but with all injustices in order to work towards a truly just, safe and welcoming campus for all.

We also call on Poudre School District and specifically Fossil Ridge of Fort Collins, Colorado to condemn racist actions of their alumni and institute better education in aims to prevent further unacceptable hatred within their communities as well.