Explain recent police violence on campus

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Explain recent police violence on campus

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Gregory Morton started this petition to University of Chicago administration

University of Chicago administration

Explain recent police violence on campus, and take care of those affected by it

On January 27th, University of Chicago police officers forcibly arrested four people who had come to protest the lack of a trauma center at the U of C Medical Center. The officers used a level of force that shocked those present.

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...and the following article in the Chicago Tribune:


The protest was entirely peaceful, except for the police violence. None of the arrestees forcibly resisted arrest. Two of those arrested were in fact attempting to resolve the situation: one, Toussaint Losier, was the designated police mediator, and another, Jacob Klippenstein, was filming the event. Two other participants were also arrested: Alex Goldenberg and Victoria Crider. Toussaint Losier is a PhD student in the University of Chicago history department, and Alex Goldenberg is an alumnus.

The police seem to have singled out Toussaint Losier for especially harsh treatment. After choking him with a nightstick, they kept him handcuffed and forced him to lie face-down on cold cement for approximately ten minutes in sub-freezing weather. It is notable that Toussaint, an African American student and a beloved campus leader, was active in the University committee that attempted to defuse the crisis surrounding Mauriece Dawson, an African American student arrested by UCPD in the Regenstein Library in 2010.
( http://chicagomaroon.com/2010/02/26/student-arrested-in-reg/ )

At this moment, we are saddened and upset by the injuries to people on our own campus. We hope to maintain a proper balance between campus order and vibrant speech. So we ask the University administration to clearly explain what happened, to intervene so as to speedily resolve any outstanding legal issues by asking for any charges against the arrestees to be dropped, and to respond to commentary from the campus and surrounding community. And we ask the administration to help take care of the people harmed in the incident.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 2,105 supporters!

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