Ask UCF to stop using honor lock which is a severe invasion of privacy

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UCF is allowing professors to use Honorlock in order to proctor online tests. This programs requires a webcam and microphone order to collect your face, drivers license, and network information. This company then stores students sensitive educational and personal data and has been known to share this information with private companies. This is both a blatant violation of our privacy as students and infeasible for many if a student cannot acquire a webcam during a global pandemic. By using this program, you're forced to waive your privacy rights and your rights to secure your sensitive academic information from companies and corporations. If you don't agree then you get a 0% on your exam and will fail the course. Honorlock is not a trustworthy program and students should not be forced to sign away their privacy and rights in order to take a test. Most of us are already facing difficulty and stress during this pandemic and this only adds onto it. Please stand with us against this program that blatantly violates our rights and sign this petition!