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Reinstate the admissions for hundreds of students who undeservedly had their admissions canceled

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Being rescinded means our entire lifetime's worth of success, achievements, dreams, and aspirations would simply be thrown away. It is one thing for the cancellation of admission to be the student's fault, but for many of us, we are being unfairly punished for someone else's mistake, namely, the University of California Santa Cruz's Office of Admissions.

It is completely reasonable for the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) to require transcripts for the various high school and college classes we were enrolled in. For us, UCSC required all official transcripts to be in by July 1st.

Some of us hand-delivered our transcripts only to find out a few weeks later that the transcripts were "lost"- cancellation of admission. Some of us were required to turn in a transcript for a class that did not even end until after the deadline- cancellation of admission. Some of us turned in our transcript on time only to find that the transcript was not opened until after the deadline- cancellation of admission. 

The Office of Admissions stated that they are "very strict on deadlines just like many of the professors and staff". What sort of hypocrisy is that? UCSC posted that students would find out their housing and college affiliation on May 11th at noon. However, come May 11th, the date on the website was quietly changed to May 12th. Of course, deadlines are only important for students to follow.

The UCSC Office of Admissions over-admitted more than 1000 freshman for this fall quarter. Some are saying that this cancellation of admission is compensation in an effort to curb the number of incoming freshman. Again, the students subject to cancellation of admission are being punished for the mistake of the Office of Admissions.

This easily could have happened to anyone that was to attend UCSC in the fall. Those with a revoked admission were not lucky enough to escape the Office of Admission's error.

By signing this petition, you give all of us a little hope to become the engineer, doctor, lawyer, and other professions we always aspired to become. By signing this petition, you can put us back on track for what we have been working towards for our entire life.

Every signature on this petition, might, just might, make up for lapse on the University of Santa Cruz's part.

Additionally, if your admission was canceled, please comment below telling us your case.

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