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Rebecca Sullivan: Publicly Apologize and Resign for Slandering Cassie Jaye's Documentary


Rebecca Sullivan, an employee of the University of Calgary, recently slandered Cassie Jaye and her documentary about the Men's Rights Movement in a public interview on CBC News. 

In the interview, she claimed that Cassie Jaye's Red Pill Documentary defended what she calls the "natural rights of men," which she characterizes with the phrase, "...if only we (men) could just have sex with whoever and whatever we want, whenever we want, then maybe we wouldn't have to rape you (women)."

This barbaric representation of "natural male rights" is appallingly regressive and does not belong in any discussion of gender, and it grossly mischaracterizes Cassie's work in the strongest possible terms. It is demonstrably false, and a clear attempt to prevent people from seeing the movie. This was absolutely intended to not only thwart honest discussions about gender and systems of oppression, but to drag Cassie Jaye's career into the mud.

Sullivan is malicious, and criminally liable for slandering an honest inquiry into gender politics. As a professor of gender studies, she should be ashamed of herself. The petitioners demand that she apologize, rescind her hateful comments, and resign.

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