UBC Partial Tuition Refund

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With the recent closure of the campus due to the COVID-19 virus, the University of British Columbia has decided to implement a number of preventative measures to reduce the likelihood of the virus spreading to the student population. Such measures include the canceling all face to face classes and instead implementing remote online instruction. While we applaud UBC's initiative for putting the student’s health and safety as the main priority, it is important to consider the financial impact on the students, especially the international students considering the tremendous difference between the tuitions. Currently, International student tuition at the University of British Columbia is roughly $28,000 per semester(depending on the program). When most students agreed to take on the financial burden of taking out loans to pay such an exorbitant fee, we did so because we expected to receive in-person face-to-face instruction, as well as the opportunity to seek out help from our professors during office hours. Because of the circumstances of this decision, this is now no longer a possibility for students, and we are now essentially stuck paying $28,000 for online classes. This does not account for fees for campus activity fees (activities which have all been canceled),  lab fees, transportation fees, building fees(especially for the Sauder School of Business which takes around $600 as a building fee), facilities fees, etc. It is no longer fair to charge students for such amenities. 

Because of the financial impact of this decision, we are asking the University of British Columbia to give partial refunds to all students.