Decrease the tuition of the online education at UBC

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In light of COVID-19, classes have been moved online for the last part of winter session term 2, and will be online for both summer terms. UBC is charging us the same tuition fees for the online courses as for in class courses, which doesn’t make sense because the education we receive online is not worth the same as the education we receive on campus. UBC is still going through with their annual tuition increase as well, putting financial strain on everyone impacted by COVID-19. This financial strain, in exchange for a subpar education, is not a trade anyone should have to make. 
Some students may struggle to learn from home, whether it’s due to a learning disability, bad internet connection, a vastly different time zone, or an unsafe home environment. Even just sitting at home instead of in a classroom makes it harder to be productive. 
I’m advocating for UBC to decrease their tuition for the summer online courses, as well as refund students a portion of winter session term 2 fees since the education was online and amenities such as the athletics centres that we pay for in student fees were closed. 
There are thousands of students struggling, UBC has the power to help them all, but UBC is more akin to a business than an educational institution. They don’t need all this money, yet they take it anyways.