Move all UoA tests/exams online with a reasonable completion time (12 -24 hours)

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This is a petition to get the University of Auckland to place all remaining tests/exams and assessments for semester 2, 2020, online.

A number of students are either living with immunocompromised people or have health problems themselves which will make coming onto campus a stressful ordeal given the known dangers of this virus. We know how unpredictable this virus can be and trying to keep up with studying and completing assessments on campus is not sustainable for students that have a real fear of this virus coming back.

Let's not increase the risk of spreading this virus or causing an outbreak within the university population. This can be avoided by shifting all tests and exams to online assessments just like in semester 1, 2020.

Let's also keep the assessment duration reasonable, to account for disruptions at home/everyday life and for the mental wellbeing of the student population. A reasonable duration would be between 12-24 hours. Majority of the student population is dealing with a lot of anxiety and stress due to these unprecedented times, the University of Auckland should be taking active action to create a safe and consistent environment for learning that shouldn't be causing further harm to their students.

Sign this petition if you want to let the University know that you want all remaining tests/exams and assessments for semester 2, 2020, placed online with reasonable timeframe of completion (at least 12 hours) regardless of alert levels in Auckland.