Bring Back Slobbering Hog

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Bring the Slobbering Hog back to Bud Walton's half court.

The Slobbering Hog was a tradition as the painted-on mascot at the half-court of the Arkansas Razorbacks' home court of Bud Walton Arena. Parents & grandparents remembered Slobbering Hog from the old Barnhill Arena days and it was one of the things that was transferred to Bud Walton Arena in 1993 when it opened. Everyone loved Slobbering Hog, except one man. Jeff Long was the athletic director (AD) of the Arkansas Razorbacks from the beginning of 2008 until November 15, 2017, and he hated Slobbering Hog. He felt as if Slobbering Hog was more loved than he was by Arkansas Razorback fans which made him extremely jealous. So, he hatched a plan to remove the beloved icon from the floor of Bud Walton Arena, and was able to do so against the pleas of thousands of Hog fans and the crying of little children everywhere.

Now that Jeff Long is no longer in charge of the Arkansas Razorbacks, Slobbering Hog needs to be returned to his rightful place at center court of Bud Walton Arena. The current Arkansas AD, Hunter Yurachek, needs to make returning Slobbering Hog to the center court a top priority!

The 25th anniversary of the 1994 NCAA National Championship by the Arkansas Razorbacks would be the perfect time to return to return Slobbering Hog to his rightful place in center court. Luckily Slobbering Hog is getting some more media attention due to the anniversary!