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Stop Predatory Indoctrination Practices at UA's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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In recent years UA's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) has been tirelessly promoting the extreme political ideas of the well-known Noam Chomsky. Chomsky, an academic who gained worldwide recognition through his work in linguistics in the late 1950s, has later become known for his controversial political activism, defending murderous Communist regimes, vehemently criticizing US foreign policy, defending Jewish Holocaust-denial as a form of "apolitical liberalism", justifying 9/11 and ISIS-related terror on US soil, denying Iran's aggressive and expansionist strategies, and so on. Chomsky has been invited by UA's SBS for extended periods of time, and on three different occasions was invited to take advantage of UA's central stage, its Centennial Hall, in favor of widely-publicized community outreach events (February 8, 2012; March 15, 2015; March 25, 2016) - perhaps more than any other speaker in the history of this venue. SBS Dean John Paul Jones III, a leading figure behind these initiatives, proudly introduced Chomsky to the crowds using emphatically endorsing language (to access recordings of these events, see links below).

This coming Spring, Chomsky has been invited to UA's SBS once again and has received an offer to teach politics to young undergrads. This class, POL 150C2 ("What is Politics?" see link below) will serve as "a general education course for UA undergraduates and a Humanities Seminar class for community members."

In essence, my concerns with respect to POL 150C2 are its sub-standard education quality, and the predatory indoctrination practices that are reflected through its target student population. Given Chomsky's extreme political viewpoints, it is highly disturbing that he has been invited to teach the youngest, most naive student population, those who are most vulnerable to indoctrination. To make things worse, by any account including his own words Chomsky is a political activist , not a politics scholar with established scientific credentials. Coincidentally, the controversy around him stems, to a large extent, from the fact that the empirical evidence that he has supplied over the years to justify his radical agenda has been discredited by numerous scientists who, unlike him, are known experts in the relevant research fields. In other words, by many relevant judgments, Chomsky's agenda exhibits shaky scientific foundations and, subsequently, has little scientific support. These issues touch on the very nature of the education that a university is expected to uphold, as opposed to lower quality education: while a university is expected to strive for scientifically sound teachings, the scientific soundness of Chomsky's political writings is dubious (a recent issue of Scientific American hints to somewhat parallel, emerging doubts regarding Chomsky's contribution to Linguistics theory; see a link below).

If this class takes place then public money will be thrown away on producing politically charged youth who are driven by stupefying notions of reality. Please join me - let us stop it together from taking place.








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