Change all course requirements to Pass/Fail for the remainder of the academic year at UvA

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An open petition for all students directed at the University of Amsterdam/Universiteit van Amsterdam.

In this global pandemic, numerous universities including Harvard (USA) have changed grade requirements to Pass/Fail for the remainder of the academic year/semester. Students are overwhelmingly stressed by the current situation and by showing little regard to this, the University must now be made aware, that their actions are not acceptable to students.

The current situation is and we must repeat a 'Global Pandemic', so why are the thoughts and pressures of students at the University of Amsterdam not being heard?

Many students have left for different time zones quickly without being able to take all their study materials. Many students are so stressed that the current situation is having a great impact on their mental state. Furthermore, the cancellation of Binding Study Advice merely moves the pressure to the student in the following year who will have to work extra hard to do well alongside all subsequent courses, thus we ask that the remainder of this academic year 2019/2020 be changed to PASS/FAIL requirements for all courses, in light of this global situation.