The University of Alberta is Enabling Major Cuts to the ASL Program

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The University of Alberta has cut a multitude of ASL classes for the next school year due to lack of funding. As of now, ALL 200 level classes are cancelled along with majority of 100 level classes for the coming school year. This is extremely discriminatory as ASL was the one of the only language programs to visibly lose 200 level courses as well as most of their program. Audism is a real issue and this effects the ability of students to learn a language that is very important in society.  This also inhibits students at the University of Alberta from learning about Deaf culture and issues, which are extremely prevalent and important now more than ever. Discrimination is not okay and should not be accepted by anyone, especially within University Campuses. We encourage students to share this petition and also get in contact with the President of The University of Alberta David Turpin as well as the Dean of Arts Lesley Cormack at