Stop the Withdrawal of the University of Aberdeen Email For Life


Stop the Withdrawal of the University of Aberdeen Email For Life

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William Fraser started this petition to University of Aberdeen (Principal) and

Long And Short Of It
The university of Aberdeen have announced the withdrawal of the Email for Life offered and used by many alumni after graduation.

In March 2019 University of Aberdeen announced by email that it would be withdrawing the Email for Life offered on a permanent bases to graduates. The initial email announcing the withdrawal was not sent to all affected, including myself. Through a fellow graduate I was forwarded an email saying the address would be closed as of the end of May.

Since then many people have pointed out they have not received any of the communication and that the university is taking away a well used and in some cases vital service offered on a permanent bases. As a compromise the university decided to extend the deadline to 2021... Just one problem. Yet again, not everyone received the notification.

For as long as I can remember the university of Aberdeen have offered students and graduates to continue using their email account after graduation. This meant that students could continue using a reputable email address. 

There exact wording was: "This services enables you to register for a permanent University of Aberdeen email address, allowing you to have a Microsoft email account with an address. A great way to stay in touch with your fellow Alumni!

Login or register through our secure Alumni Hub to take advantage of this great service." On the 22 March 2015 around when I signed up for the offer (See Here)

As this service was offered as a "permanent University of Aberdeen email address" people used the account as a known constant contact address and used it as a primary address.

Why Should I Care?
If you use the email address you will (as of 2021 at point of writing this) loose access to the email address and all services around it. 

For some people that will be a simple case of updating a handful of accounts and contacts to move forward. For others, such as myself, it will involve updating hundreds of accounts, services, and contacts so they have the correct up to date email. Some services are non transferable to another address and will ultimately be lost with the email account. And some contacts are legal contacts that would also cause vast inconvenience in updating. There is not just a waste of time with this updating contacts and services there is loss of money and potentially loss of services.

What Can I Do?
Sing this petition as a message to the university but also get in touch with alumni relations. Let the university know that what they are planning will cause you significant hassle and potentially lead to loss of money. Make clear that any intent to remove the email for life will result in the removal of contact details from the university of Aberdeen alumni team.

Along side this petition I am seeking guidance from a legal stance as to the importance of the word "permanent". The offer by the university was clearly meant to be permanent without any suggestion of withdrawal.


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This petition made change with 43 supporters!

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