Fight H20 pollution, animal cruelty, colon cancer & antibiotic overuse: Cancel Ribfest!

Fight H20 pollution, animal cruelty, colon cancer & antibiotic overuse: Cancel Ribfest!

January 16, 2018
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Started by andrew Koosed

Every year a wave of Rib Fest overwhelms Cleveland's west side Metro area- Berea's "National" 4 day fest, Parma's at Tri-C (4 days), and Strongsville (3 days). 

For the environment, NEO Meat Free Monday Coalition pleads with US Foods & sponsor CWRU University Hospital system, to consider the methane gas emitted by animal burps and farts, manure lagoon breaches and slaughterhouse discharges that pollute surface waters with millions of gallons of wastewater TOXIC to ecosystems. Spraying agri-chemicals on the feed crops to use for the trapped animals is contributing to deadzones in Gulf of Mexico and threatens butterflies and bees. The dung-dust is also as sorry-ass environmental injustice to deal with.

The World Health Org and US CDC are hurting to stall antibiotic resistant bacterial infections which kill around 20K Americans annually & sicken hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile, almost half of antibiotics used on farm animals go to PIGS. Rib fest is the most antibiotic wasting food festival a hospital could sponsor and it's OVER-done - 11 times what Earth Day gets in the same area. Please consider the new guidance from WHO on limiting antibiotic use in agriculture and divest from practices endangering the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Account for Rib burn-offs putting attendees at greater risk of developing colon cancer. World Health Organization designates processed meats as Class 1 carcinogen and red meats like ribs and steak as Class 2. 

A treaty signed by Ohio, Michigan and Ontario commits to reducing the application of phosphorus fertilizers to prevent toxic algae blooms & related damage to tourism economies. Governor Kasich committed to 20% reduction in this fertilizer by 2020. Curtailing the extent of rib fests will assist in meeting modest goals set to protect Great Lakes Water quality. Thank you! 

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This petition had 979 supporters

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