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Use a less cruel method of killing animals for experiments

Every day scientists and students in UCD kill hundreds of specially bred mice, rats and guinea pig type things. They do this so that they can induce them with diseases and experiment with cures on them. We want the scientists to stop killing them by the 'smack and crack' technique and use gas instead. With gas the animal just falls asleep but with the smack and crack technique the animals watch while all of their counterparts have their head smacked on a table and their necks craked to kill them. The animals watch this and are subjected to this cruel, unnatural death while waiting on their turn. Recently one scientist killed 100 mice in the space of 5 minutes using the smack and crack technique. We urge UCD to stop this practice and to use the kindest killing technique possible. If they'd like to stop animal testing altogether, that would also be great!!

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