Change ULethbridge Classes from in person to Online due to COVID-19

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As COVID-19 proceeds to spread, ULethbridge is telling us that they are waiting for the risk to increase to actually do anything to prevent the spread. People with immune issues and other health issues don’t have this much time. Not to mention the general health of their students in general. It is the job of the University to make sure that their students are not at risk. COVID-19 is not a joke yet for some reason the University of Lethbridge is waiting for it to get worse before preventing the problem. I am writing this petition to get the University of Lethbridge to transition to online classes as soon as possible for the health of their students. This is a preventative measure that takes extra steps to make sure their students are safe. Why should we wait to react to this issue when we know it is coming. If they truly care about their students then they will allow them this alternative so that they do not have to risk their own health just to continue their education.