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Dear University Community,

I created this petition in light of the ongoing number of infected people in the Netherlands due to the Covid-19. I do believe that the Dutch government should close schools and universities as one of the prevention methods. Since the Netherlands is still in a handlable situation,  measurements of containment are key to lessen the exposure people have to this virus. Waiting until the situation gets worse is wrong. My country, Italy, is a clear example. We should take action like Qatar or other nations, which even with a very small number of infected people, have still decided to prevent the spread and to help citizens to stay safe. Universities have a big number of commuters traveling from other parts of the country. I do believe that closing them is a safe measure for all of us: students, professors, assistants, secretaries and so on. In the era of technology, online lectures are easily available as well as online materials. Let's all be serious and help each other.