T-Rex Versus Spino Rematch for Jurassic World 3

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Back in 1990 and beyond 1997, the joined forces of author Michael Crichton and film director Steven Spielberg had created a wonderful world of dinosaurs brought back to life through Jurassic Park and The Lost World: Jurassic Park, and presenting the all-too familiar king of the dinosaurs, the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, as the terrifying star of this all new franchise, and people were obsessed about T-Rex after two cinematic masterpieces beautifully showing off this great animal. This was a big part of childhood for countless people, and fans could not wait to see this great beast return and rule the big screen a third time or more.

But then the crew behind the 2001 film Jurassic Park III introduced a new star dinosaur to the series, the Spinosaurus, and had this creature unashamedly and without absolutely any remorse destroying the beloved and revered original star of the franchise, the Tyrannosaurus, and attempted to replace it (even removing it from the logo), giving the Tyrant Lizard King barely a minute of screen time in the entire film and rapidly disposed of it and treated it like trash, and its absence was sorely felt throughout the remainder of the movie.

This decision undoubtedly was far from appreciated by the audience, but they were very much enraged and confused and overall displeased, and this inevitably started a neverending debate between fans about which animal was better and more likely to win, and today it seems generally agreed upon that the T-Rex should have won hands down, but those pushing for the Spinosaurus still won't let it go but take every chance at reminding fans of Tyrannosaurus about that horrific defeat.

Personally, I still remember when I first saw the movie as a child and burst out saying "They killed Jurassic Park!" and was left with mixed emotions and a bitter experience, and I relive that great disappointment every time I'm reminded of that film or the Spinosaurus which it introduced (in the worst possible way). I'm sure many fans were fully ready to shower this new, cool, and exciting Spinosaurus with love and admiration, only to be completely let down with their excitement turned to hatred.

They knew they were "treading on sacred ground" and they did it anyway (along with various other issues with the movie), and the franchise was essentially rendered dead for over a decade afterwards. The result of this was that the Spinosaurus was established as being at an eternal war with the Tyrannosaurus, and for nearly two decades fans of the franchise had been craving for a cinematic rematch to take place in any future films and properly and fully restore the Tyrannosaurus kingdom and excuse (and perhaps help people to better enjoy) the Spinosaurus and its associated movie.

In the 2015 film Jurassic World, this rematch seemed to be hinted at with the T-Rex from the original film smashing a Spinosaurus-skeleton at the end of the film (but obviously this was much more amusing than it was satisfying), and masses of fans pushing for a petition of the rematch eventually had the director of the 2015 film, Colin Trevorrow, sympathizing with the fanbase asking for this rematch.

Further, we almost got the rematch in the 2018 film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, but it was removed early on for undisclosed reasons (perhaps and hopefully because they're saving this best part for last), and so now we're asking once again on behalf of the fanbase that Universal and Trevorrow and the crew behind the franchise would listen to our cries and deliver the rematch in the upcoming and presumably last film in the series, Jurassic World 3, set for release in 2021 (on the 20th anniversary of the abomination that was the 2001 film) and finally let Rexy have her vengeance (though noting that any T-Rex could do the job just fine) and slay the beast which so shamelessly killed our "dead homie" back in 2001 and divided the fandom for years to come with no sign of peace in sight.

This has been one of the biggest issues in regards to this franchise, and it still has not been settled, and only the rematch will be able to definitively end it, it's the only truly meaningful and effective solution to the flamewar going on in the fanbase, and if properly executed could become something incredibly memorable that brings even more value to this last film in the series. Please, let Rexy go out with a real bang, and let her kill the JP3 Spino and settle this issue once and for all. No team-ups, no draws, the Spino has to die in Rexy's mighty jaws! Give us closure.

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