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Petition to have a T Rex Spinosaurus rematch in Jurassic World 2

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Millions of fans grew up with the Tyrannosaurus Rex as a beloved icon as it was portrayed as the king of the franchise in both Jurassic Park and it's sequel,The Lost World. So for millions one of their most fond childhood memory is the glorious T Rex species as the most powerful predator of the films.

But in Jurassic Park 3, the same producers/directors who elevated the Rex to iconic status decided to change the T Rex´s reputation as kingly predator and all of the sudden establishing that the species was nothing more than a weak scavanger and decided to shove this point down every fans throat by humilliating it by having a Spinosaurus kill it with ease (A dinosaur prooven to have weaker jaws), thus ruining the fondest memories of the Jurassic Park films to millions by now establishing that their iconic species will now be always be defeated by a fish eating dinosaur. Thus creating a huge backlash from Rex fans all over the world. It became one of the most infamous scenes in film history not only because it humilliated the most popular dinosaur of the series but because from a scientific standpoint the Rex should have won because it has a much stronger bite for killing other dinos, while the Spino's jaws were used for killing fish. And overall the movie felt like it was trying to force us to like this new dino more than the one we have loved for years.

So since that third film in 2001 fans have hoped and asked for a rematch and after 14 long years of wait, the fourth film Jurassic World decides to ignore the topic altogether, only having a subtle reference by having a T Rex destroy a Spino skeleton wich we think is very unsatisfactory...Like one bóxer claiming he had revenge on his opponent by breaking a picture of him. And while the T Rex was in the film and helped defeat the hybrid Indominous Rex with the help of Velociraptors and the Mosasaurus... It wasn't a real revenge or glorious redemption because the Rex needed help in order to defeat this new hybrid.....T Rex fans still feel very unsatisfied, ...Because without the rematch....

People can say "Yeah, the T Rex could help defeat Indominous Rex, but it can't defeat a Spinosaurus, so Spino is still the King of the franchise". And us fans are now reminded of the Spinos superiority everytime we watch the Rex have a glorious momento in JP and TLW We hate that so...

After waiting 14 long year for the long awaited T Rex Spinosaurus Rematch in wich the films establish that a T Rex can take down a Spino, and thus fans being able to take that spine out of their childhood, Jurassic World simply had a subtle nod to the fight by having the T Rex destroy a Spinosaurus skeleton.

We think that a very unsatisfying idea, that's like Pacquiao punching a picture of Mayweather and calling it a rematch.

We want the actual rematch where any adult T Rex takes down any adult Spinosaurus and thus establshing that within the films the Spinosaurus species is not always going to dominate T Rexes and thus restoring the memories of the Jurassic series like they were in our childhood, with the T Rex as the glorious greatest predator ever..

And it does not have to be any of the previous T Rexes in the previos movies since they are very old by now. As long as any adult T Rex prooves it can beat an adult Spinosaurus most fans will be pleased. 

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