Bring Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins back for Jurassic World 3

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Many fans of the Jurassic World franchise were disappointed that the characters of Zach and Gray Mitchell, portrayed by Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins, did not return for the 2nd installment of the trilogy.

Now that dinosaurs were set loose in the world at the end of Fallen Kingdom, it would be possible to bring the characters back in a supporting role. Gray is a genius so he could return to help with the escaped dinosaurs in some way. Zach is level headed in a crisis and as we all know at some point in Jurassic World movies, things don't go as planned.

So, it seems reasonable to bring the characters back plot-wise and provide fan service at the same time, Let's not forget that Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins fans will rejoice at the opportunity therefore will generate free hype and publicity for the film as well as additional income by seeing the film in theaters as Nick and Ty would return in the film.