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Put Arshad's "Girl On Fire" on the "Catching Fire" Soundtrack!

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This is important because we Hunger Games fans believe that this song deserved to be on, "The Hunger Games" soundtrack and unforunately it was not. Fortunately, the lyrics also fit "Catching Fire" extremely well. Not only is this song perfect for The Hunger Games but it is a beautiful song in general. The world needs to hear this 'Girl On Fire" by Arshad! We'd like Universal Republic to reconsider this song for the 2nd installment of The Hunger Games series, "Catching Fire".

Just a few of the thousands of comments via youtube:

> Everytime I listen to this song, I immediately think of The Hunger Games. This song = The Hunger Games. This song should've been on the soundtrack because it just stands for everything that is the books. =D -TheMistyrox

> Okay i have never heard this song without crying. I freaking love peeta soooooo much <3 and this is amazingly perfect. Omg im gnna start crying... - CoolioKat77

> this song IS the Hunger Games! it literally gave me chills! it's as if it's Peeta singing it! if it's not on the soundtrack, i will be EXTREMELY dissapointed!  -Tabbyitha101

> This song delivers Peetas feelings perfectly, thank you sooo much for this great piece of music! Lots of love and support for the future! ♥- BananerLaner

> Oh wow. Had not heard this song before but saw comments about how it belonged on the soundtrack and MUST agree. Every line scream THG. I really and disappointed that this won't be featured on the soundtrack. I'm thinking I might be buy it on itunes and go ahead and put it on a disc with the soundtrack :D -bse516

> When I hear this song I actually see scenes from the novel. Everything about this song = The Hunger Games. If you read the book you know exactly what I'm talking about. This is exactly what Peeta says and how he feels about Katniss. I don't know who picked songs for the soundtrack but they really blew it on this one. Arshad I hope you know that even though this is not on the soundtrack we Hunger Games fans have pretty much made this our official song.- JesLokie

> Wow, absolutely amazing! I was looking at the list of songs on the soundtrack and the first thing that came to my mind was, "No 'Girl on Fire?'" That's Katniss and Peeta embodied in a song. Fabulous! -leebecky39

> I can't belive it's not on the soundtrack! Awesome Song! -Cammie8223

> oh my by the end of this I was crying! The lines that made me cry most was

" This love is not a game to me, we'll survive"

"just one kiss and I will be hooked to her fire" :'(

As chessy as this is It made me cry sooo much

"and she doesn't know the effect she can have"

I love Peeta with Katniss! I would love a Peeta!

The Girl on Fire + The boy with the Bread = Toast! ummm ye....

"let the games begine"  -myponiesmylifex

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