Petition for the Bechloe kiss to be released

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Fans of the Pitch Perfect franchise have been queerbaited by Universal Pictures. The cast and crew of the movies told the fans that they have filmed a Bechloe kiss scene, however it didn't make the movie cut. What's worse is that fans waited for the DVD release of the movie and the movie extras, hoping that we'd finally get the scene that we wanted.

Spoiler alert: we didn't.

Anna Kendrick fought to have the scene be filmed in the hopes that the Bechloe fans would eventually see it. There's no good reason for the scene to not be released to fans, but here we are. This petition was made with the intention of reaching out to other fandoms who understand the struggle of finding our representation on TV; help us be heard by Universal Pictures, give us a chance at getting this scene released.

Fellow LGBTQ community members know the struggle that we face when it comes to finding representation, when we do eventually find it, we have to hold onto it. The Pitch Perfect fandom were given the hope of seeing two lead female characters kiss on their TVs, after waiting years for the possibility. Representation is SO important to young people, especially those who are questioning their sexual orientation. The majority of the Pitch Perfect fans are of course younger people and teenagers, so you can see why this is important to us.

*** None of our anger is directed in any way at the Pitch Perfect cast or team. The decision to leave the scene out of the DVD was made solely by Universal Pictures. Please do not harass the Pitch Perfect team about this. ***

Please share this wherever you can. It will give us a better chance at being seen by the people who have the power to do something about this. Thank you!