Help Spencer to stop the church to save the Glossy Black Cockatoo

Help Spencer to stop the church to save the Glossy Black Cockatoo

4 March 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by kate davey

Hi, my name is Spencer,

I am ten years old and I live on the Sunshine Coast with my mum and dad. I took this photograph earlier this year. This bird is very special to me because he is the father of a juvenile Glossy Black-Cockatoo that I call ‘Fledge’. 

He and his family rely on their favoured feed trees in a forest of Allocasuarina (she-oak) that the Uniting Church say they are going to destroy. 

I need your help to stop the Uniting Church from destroying their home.  

Nearly every day I watch and photograph these amazing birds. I have been watching him and his mate for three years now. And at the end of last year he arrived back to the site with his mate and a newly fledged juvenile that I named ‘Fledge’. I was so happy :). This is the first juvenile I have recorded for this pair. He is very special to me and represents hope for the future of the Glossies.

The forest they want to clear is one of the most significant feeding, drinking, roosting & flocking sites observed on the Sunshine Coast. The glossy black cockatoo is listed as vulnerable and we need to save their food trees if we want to save them. I need your help to make the Uniting Church listen and save this forest.

Our community will mourn along with our Glossies if their habitat is destroyed by the Uniting Church. I believe Churches should be protecting our environment not destroying our environment, like profit driven developers. Please help us remind the Uniting Church they should be listening to their community & talking to our local Council to find a better solution.

I am asking the Uniting Church to be true to their word, in their own brochure ‘For the Sake of the Planet’ they said ‘It makes good economic and political sense to spend money ensuring the long-term wellbeing of our natural world – there can be no security for humanity without a healthy ecosystem”.

Why can’t the Church be true to their word in protecting the environment?

Please help me by signing this petition to the Uniting Church.

Now I’m feeling very sad about their future and mine. To loose these beautiful birds from our skies because the Uniting Church won’t listen to our community would be a true tragedy. The Uniting Church has the power to change this decision filling us all with hope for the future that Churches really do care about the local people and environment.

We need the Uniting Church to come and talk to our Council so we can find a better location for an aged-care facility that doesn’t threaten the survival of the vulnerable glossy black cockatoo. 

Thank-you for listening and your help

Spencer (and Mummy)

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Signatures: 84,211Next goal: 150,000
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