Unite B.C. Family Day to 3rd Monday in February


Unite B.C. Family Day to 3rd Monday in February

This petition made change with 22,120 supporters!

Andrew Johns started this petition to B.C. Family Day (Christy Clark)


On February 12th, the Provincial Government announced beginning in 2019, we will be celebrating Family Day together across Canada! 

Thank you to everyone for your support! With your help we were able to bring this to the attention of the Government and public to successfully #UniteFamilyDay.

Family Day 2018

B.C. – Monday, February 12th

Rest of Canada – Monday, February 19th

Our petition has gained traction and on February 16th, 2017 Bill M204 - Family Day Amendment Act, was introduced by Andrew Weaver, MLA Oak Bay-Gordan Head. Since then, the change of BC's Family Day has been brought to the provincial government's attention and Premier John Horgan has stated "it may well be the last one on the second weekend of February" in a recent interview with Global News.


Premier Christy Clark passed the Family Day Act in 2012 establishing B.C.’s very own Family Day on the 2nd Monday in February compared to the rest of Canada who celebrates on the 3rd Monday. This was to promote B.C.’s tourism and allow local residents to visit ski resorts on their own day. However, many B.C. families find themselves working who are federal employees, business owners, or who conduct business across Canada and North America. This means the true spirit of Family Day is lost.

This petition was started three years ago with the idea to spark a conversation with our government and propose moving B.C.'s Family Day to the 3rd Monday in February. We are back again for 2018 and continue to gain media attention.

What can you do?

Show your support. Andrew Johns is joined by Andrew Weaver (MLA Oak Bay-Gordan Head), David Eby (MLA Vancouver Point Grey) and Som Seif (President & CEO Purpose Investments) in the video who support the movement.

Please sign the petition and spread the word on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #UniteFamilyDay.

Let's unite Family Day across Canada!

Response from the B.C. Government

In December 2015, the B.C. government responded to a formal request to change B.C. Family Day from Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey Board of Trade. The government responded as follows (excerpts from the government response):

"In May 2012, Government undertook a public engagement process via a blog and online poll, as well as through Twitter and email. British Columbians were asked to provide input into whether they preferred the second or third Monday of February for the observation of Family Day.

Also in May 2012, Government engaged in consultations with various business and industry stakeholders, as well as school superintendents. The ski and tourism sectors expressed strong support for the second Monday of February. 

Although there are no plans at this time for government to review the date of Family Day, your concerns have been noted and will be taken into consideration during any future discussions on this issue.

Trevor Hughes, Assistant Deputy Minister"


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This petition made change with 22,120 supporters!